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Jasmine Aaron

"We had a wonderful time working with His way events! Everything was exactly how we wanted it . They really took the time to make our big day amazing even in a small amount of time. Most of all , they were reliable and overall just easy to work with. We couldn’t have found a better event team!"

Luxurious Wedding Hall
Century High School

"Mrs. Mitchell and His Way Events provided a standard of excellence that will not likely be matched. In December of 2021, His Way Events provided decorations for the Strikeforce Battalion’s Army JROTC Annual Military Ball. All who attended were thoroughly impressed and amazed with how Mrs. Mitchell and her staff converted a simple gymnasium into what appeared to be an elegant ballroom. The Senior Army Instructor regarded the decorations as “a miraculous transformation”. As the financial account manager for the unit, I was most impressed with the fact that we were able to use His Way Events services and still stay within our budget for the event."

- First Sergeant, US Army (Retired) Walt Sitarek

Chelsea & Aman

"Marrying each other is one of the greatest privileges we've been graced to experience. As a couple navigating the wedding process, you are not always aware of what you need. His Way helped us visualize all the possibilities of a beautiful wedding day, without the hassle! With every step we took from our engagement to our wedding, they carved out a clear path for us to enjoy the day we won't soon forget!"

Wedding Ceremony Stage
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